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TroopTrack Help

We use a software package called TroopTrack to help us manage Pack records and keep in communication with Scout Parents. To help you find the site more easily, there’s a link in the menu on this site that says Pack 196 Private Site. Click on that to go directly to our TroopTrack password-protected site.

Any new system will require a bit of adjustment, so we’ve developed this page, and a few other documents, to provide guidance.

Since the most common question we’re getting is about logging in, here’s a link directly to the page where you can log in and/or reset your password. Your account will be associated with the email address where you’re receiving notifications from TroopTrack, such as the regular event reminders. So, take a peek into your email box to determine what email address we have on record for you and use that to find your username and password. Note that you can change your username or password once you log in for the first time.

If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, please contact the Pack Webmaster via this form.