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The Texas Badge

Photo by Andy Preston, Liberty Hill, TX

Photo by Andy Preston, Liberty Hill, TX

Lone Star State Cub Scouts have a special badge they can earn by learning about the great state of Texas.

Here are the requirements to earn this special badge:

  1. QUALIFICATIONS: Be an active Cub Scout or Webelos Scout registered in a Pack in Texas (Tiger Cubs and adults are not eligible).
    1. Name the state bird, state flower, and state motto.
    2. Sing or recite the words of “Texas, Our Texas”.
    1. Draw the first six flags of Texas. Tell something important that happened when Texas was under each flag.
    2. Name a famous Texan. Tell why the person is famous, and what you like or dislike about him or her.
    3. Visit an historic place in Texas. Tell about the important events which happened there.
    1. Read a story about any Texas subject (fiction or non-fiction). Tell what you learned from the story.
    2. Find out about the Indians who lived near your community at any time. Tell about some of their history and customs.

Texas-BadgeIMPORTANT: If you have already done any of these requirements for another Cub Scout or Webelos Scout award, you must do something different for the Texas Badge. For example, if you visited an historical place for another Cub Scout or Webelos Scout award, you should visit a different historical place for the Texas Badge.