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Welcome to Pack 196 — Parents’ Handbook – Essentials

Welcome, Parents and Scouts!

We’ve got great info on Scouting for you in our full Parents’ Handbook, but here are the essentials you need to get started.

Cub Scout Dues & Other Costs

Cub Scouting is very affordable because families of Scouts do not pay all of the costs. Many community service organizations and businesses recognize the value of investing in Scouting. They recognize that tomorrow’s leaders are today’s Scouts.

  • Pack 196 annual dues: $73 for the first Scout, $65 for additional Scouts, and $25 for adult leaders (this covers the BSA fees and Boy’s Life annual subscription).
  • Den dues: TBD by your Den leader
  • Uniform: $50-$60
  • Rank Book: $9-$15
  • Family campouts: approximately $10-$15 per family plus food
  • Rank overnight trips: $50-$200 per person (varies based on trip)

Cub Scout Uniforms

Scout uniforms can be obtained at the Council Scout Shop, located at 12500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas. You may also place an order on the phone with the Scout Shop and have your order mailed to you. Alternatively, you may make a purchase online with the national organization.

Pack 196 requires a full Class A uniform with the exception of the official pants, caps and socks (these are optional). More info here.

Remember to buy big as the boys will be in the uniform shirt for several years and you don’t want to have to move all the badges the boys will earn to a new uniform shirt.

For our Class B uniform — for less formal occasions — our Scouts wear a Pack t-shirt that you may purchase at a Pack meeting, or you may ask your Den Leader about purchasing one.

Rank Handbook

Your essential guide to what you child will be doing this year in Scouting comes in the form of the Rank Handbook. You may get this from the same sources as your Uniform. Take care when purchasing a used Handbook, as Cub Scouting changed significantly in 2015, so you will need to have a guide to the new requirements.

The Rank Handbook will outline all of the requirements for earning the rank your child will be working on (which depends on his age), as well as information on elective awards he can achieve.

The Handbook is available in an electronic version, a perfect-bound version and a coil-bound version. The coil-bound version tends to hold up better than the perfect-bound version, but it is more expensive. They are available in both English and Spanish.


Due to the sheer size of the Pack, communications are mainly through email. Please ensure your Den leader has a correct email address for you in our TroopTrack software (see below). You may give us multiple email addresses if you wish.

For all of the details about activities and to RSVP for events, as well as contact info for Pack leadership and others, you will receive a login and password to our portal, TroopTrack. (See our TroopTrack Help page for more info.)

Updates will be also posted on the Pack website, our Facebook page, and your Den leader should also provide information on upcoming events.

Pack and Den Meetings


Pack and Den meetings typically take place on Monday evenings at 7pm at Cross Tracks Church (formerly LHUMC). See the public Pack Calendar for or our password-protected Calendar for more info.

Pack 196 Committee Meetings

Committee and Den leaders, along with interested Parents, meet monthly to plan the upcoming pack activities. One adult from each Den (usually the Den leader) must attend all the committee meetings.

All adult members of the Pack are always encouraged to attend and participate in the committee meetings. Without Parent volunteer participation — this means you! — the Pack can’t accomplish its goals. Children are welcome, but it is a good idea for them to bring something to keep them occupied so they are not disruptive to the meeting. Meetings are usually on the first Monday at the month at the church starting at 7 PM.