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Moving Pack Communications Forward With TroopTrack

Pack 196 Scout Parents:

Have you ever wanted to catch up on your Scout’s progress toward achievements, or remind yourself about next steps on a certain award? Ever wished you had more information or contact info regarding Pack or Den events while on the go? Well, our move to using TroopTrack software/website — at https://lhpack196.trooptrack.com — is aimed at addressing all those needs and more! The software even has Google Translate integration, so you can use it in Welsh, Finnish or Esperanto if you prefer.

Current Scout Parents should have received an emailed invitation to set up their TroopTrack account earlier this week. If you haven’t, please check your spam folder, search your email box for messages from trooptrack.com, or, if none of that works, please send a message with your info via this form and we’ll figure it out. Once you log on, we urge you to ensure your contact info is correct, including your mobile phone and carrier info.

One of the features we’ll be using first is a Pack Calendar with lots of details about each occasion — this is only accessible by logged-in Parents and Leaders, so it’s safe and secure from prying eyes. You can add events one-by-one to whatever calendar software you use, if you use it, or subscribe to the entire calendar.

For some events, we’ll be collecting RSVPs — please respond as quickly as possible to these RSVP requests, as we’re only requesting them when they’re really needed. Additionally, when we’ll need payment for events (like campouts and the Blue & Gold banquet) we will collect fees via online payments, so you can take care of this whenever you’d like with your credit or debit card.

TroopTrack is web-based and mobile-friendly, so you should be able to interact with all your information on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone, making it especially handy in these busy times. If you forget the URL, you can click on “Pack 196 Private Site” on the menu for the public site: Pack196.org.

It’s taking some time to get all of the current data over from our previous system, so please be patient as we make the transition, and if you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Den Leader or other Pack Leadership!

Here’s a video TroopTrack created when switching to the new Cub Scout program in 2015, and it’ll give you a nice overview of some of the features:

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