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Pinewood Derby 2016 Details

The Pinewood Derby consists of check-in on Friday, February 26, 2016,
check-in again early on Saturday, February 27 for those who didn’t check in
on Friday, and the race itself on Saturday, February 27.

Check-in is required as that will include checking the dimensions and
weight of the cars to make sure they meet the rules. Check-in on Friday is
from 6p to 8p and on Saturday starts at 8a up to near race-time.

The racing starts at 10:30am on Saturday with the Open Class (parents and
siblings) going first with the others to follow. We have to be finished by
4:30pm due to another church function that evening.

There is also a workshop at my house tomorrow from 1 to 3pm for anyone
interested in working on their cars – See email(s) sent out including one
Walter Hoysa sent as a reminder.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jerry Cuderman

See our previous post about the Pinewood Derby for rules and additional information.

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